Organicarwash                       Mobile Detailing Service   



       Wash Package  


  • Small Cars- $25.00-Sale Price
  • Midsize Cars- $45.00
  • Luxury Vehicles- $55.00
  • SUV'S & Crossovers-$65.00
  • Exotic Cars- Call For Pricing***
  • Trucks, Vans, Etc. call for pricing.*** 
  • Add $25.00 for treating and water proofing fabric Convertible tops 
  • Add $10.00 when steam is used Package Includes: 


  • Exterior hand wash
  • Tire Shine
  • Windows cleaned (outside)






          VIP Package

                                                                                                                                                            Small cars- $55.00-Sale Price

  • Midsize Cars- $75.00
  • Luxury Vehicles- $95.00
  • SUV'S & Crossovers-$125.00
  • Exotic Cars- Call For Pricing***
  • Trucks, vans, Etc. call for pricing.***
  • Add $25.00 for treating and water proofing fabric convertible tops
  • Add $10.00 when steam is used        

    Package Includes:              


  • Exterior hand wash
  • Liquid spray Wax
  • Tire Shine
  • Rimes cleaned (outermost part)
  • Windows cleaned (In/Out)
  • Water repellant on windshield
  • Carpets Vacuumed
  • Interior wiped
  • Free Car Air freshener



Wash Package


  • Small Cars- $45.00-Sale Price
  • Midsize Cars- $65.00
  • Luxury Vehicles- $85.00
  • SUV'S & Crossovers- $110.00 
  • Exotic Cars- Call For Pricing***
  • Trucks, Vans, Etc. call for pricing.***
  • Add $25.00 for treating and water proofing fabric convertible tops
  • Add $10.00 when steam is used        

    Package Includes:                                                                                                             

  • Exterior hand wash
  • Liquid Spray Wax
  • Tire Shine
  • Rims cleaned (outermost part)
  • Windows cleaned (In/out)
  • Carpets Vacuumed.              


 vehicles defined but not limited to:

  • Small Vehicles: 2-3 Door Vehicles -Fiat, Mini Cooper, Civic ETC.

  • Midsize Vehicles: 4 door vehicles- Toyota, Hyundai, Mustang, ETC. 

  • Luxury Vehicles: BMW, Mercedes, Lexus Lincoln, Cadillac, ETC.

  • Exotic Vehicles: Porsche, Lamborghini, Bentley, Maserati, ETC


  • **No Armor All on dash board due to wear and tear on material.                           

Organicarwash has the right to refuse or perform service or cleaning of vehicle(s) or offer contracts, or any form of terms to anyone/person, company, Organization, business, or parking company, ETC, if Organicarwash's terms and agreements aren't met to Organicarwash's standards. Organicarwash reserves the right to close or shorten hours of operation due to temperature, or inclement weather conditions wind, rain, snow, heat ETC. or at the sole discretion of Organicarwash. Organicarwash will not sell, give or loan any of your information to anyone person, company or establishment, your information was meant only for us and that's where it will stay. Customers that fill out the monthly, Bi-weekly, or weekly payment withdrawal form will be charged as indicated in the payment form contract. (You dictate how it will work) Payments must be paid in full in order for Organicarwash to perform any work or cleaning.  Customers must pay prior to any service performed by Organicarwash. Any auto cleaning charges that are declined or not paid in full before the start of any cleaning, Organicarwash will not be allowed to perform any work or cleaning. Organicarwash will not continue or honor any contract or cleaning until Payment is paid in full prior to cleaning. Customers must pay in full for work to be performed. Organicarwash will not be held responsible for scratches, camouflaged dents, or things of that nature that's hidden under the dirt or any other damages that was on the vehicle prior to Organicarwash performing service. Be advised that there are vehicles that have built in dirt around the mud flap area, tail pipe area, around the running board area, which may be hard to remove due to road debris causing minor chipping or scratches, dirt or road tar builds in these fine lines, White vehicles shows more of the built in crime. Organicarwash will remove all that can be removed to the best a hand wash can be performed. Vehicles that are dented scratched or have paint chipping, pealing or missing paint Organicarwash can not & doesn't fix or replace these issues, know that it can be difficult to clean around those areas. We can't guarantee perfect cleaning in that area but we'll try. Scuff marks may come off but not guaranteed. Organicarwash is a mobile hand car washing unit that doesn't use machines other than vacuum service. All work is done by hand with pride. Organicarwash will clean rims, sometimes when rust and build on tar/dirt can be difficult to remove, all methods to clean rim will be attempted. Organicarwash will only clean the front outermost part of the rim only not going further into the rim, just the outer part only. Please be advised for those vehicles that has car Alarms please be sure to turn them off and please remember to turn them back on when the cleaning is complete Or as an option you can leave the keys with the concierge and they will be returned to the concierge. Organicarwash request that your parked at least a few inches from the curb just enough so we can clean the whole tire. (Don't park to far away from the curb, you don't want to get summoned.) Organicarwash has been limited to Long Island City due to the lack of Man/Woman power, at least for the time being, sorry for the inconvenience this may cause, we are working on branching outward.  

  In order for Organicarwash to properly

  clean the interior of your vehicle;

  • You must remove all child seats, boxes, ETC. All items that can prevent maximum interior cleaning. Please remove or pick up important items that may get sucked into vacuum cleaner.                                                    










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