Organicarwash                       Mobile Detailing Service   

               Organicarwash is a privately owned mobile detailing service serving and originated locally in Long Island City. We work with property Managers, Parking garages, businesses and individual vehicle owners to offer the best in quality car cleaning and detailing service. Organicarwash provides an easy solution to getting your car cleaned. When scheduling an appointment tell us where your vehicle is parked and we will come to you, leave the rest to us. (see package plans for details.)

               Organicarwash uses a Bio-based cleaning products, the products used are non-hazardous and is safe to wash into waste systems. The product is American grown and uses American based oils and has natural plant based products which will not hurt the environment. The products hazardous rating is 0-(zero) so no harm to the planet.

               Organicarwash also is by far the best in its mission. A typical car wash can use up to 80-140 gallons of water to wash your car in your driveway or an average of 40-60 gallons of water when going through the car wash. Organicarwash may use a few gallons of water depending on the amount of dirt or mud on the vehicle or how long the dirt has been sitting on the vehicles. Organicarwash uses a waterless cleaning product(s). The waterless cleaning product is biodegradable with test results of 99% with EPA approval and it's Eco friendly. When products are environmentally friendly, it's not hard to make a difference.


              Organicarwash is in the business to provide the highest quality of service(s) and to provide the customer with 100% satisfaction. We are grateful and appreciative that you entrust your vehicle with us and rest assured we will be true to you. Our pledge to you is to be courteous, show professionalism and respect. We will always be responsible in everyway.

              Organicarwash will come to where your car is parked so don't loose your parking and eliminate the inconveniences of wasting time, gas and personal to get your car(s) cleaned. We will come to you and provide the service you deserve and we will complete the task with satisfaction.

              Organicarwash has the future of our planet and the thought of our children's children in mind when using our cleaning products. We will always be responsible to the environment and to you.




Thank You


Dear Customer,